Ultimate Guide in Buying the Best FishFinder GPS Combos


When you are a part of private or government sectors, who deals with fishing activities, especially for commercial purposes. Then, you might be aware about the various high-tech devices used to enhance various fishing techniques and strategies. Not every individual who goes out to sail and catch fish use this technology because their activities are quite simple.

When you are using a fish finder, your chances of catching a bunch of fish are high. It is because the fish finder will find the location of the fish under the water. This is far better than sitting down and waiting for the fish to come. This device uses the speed of sound that reflects on a screen. You will see a graphical image on the monitor. In such way, you will be aware that there are fishes around. Therefore, time is not wasted and success in fishing is at hand.

Buying the Best FishFinder GPS Combos


Benefits of using Fish Finders and GPS in-one

There are groups of fishermen who uses a fish finder with a GPS combo. This is indeed an advantage to fishermen because combining these technologies only shows that you have a better navigation system. So, how does it benefit you?

  • Charting

With the help of the GPS feature, you can find out your current site and chart the way to other locations.

  • SavingLocation

One good function of the GPS system is to save your point of location. This is a good means of coming back to your favorite fishing spots.

  • DepthFinder

This is another useful function, especially when you are looking for a fish that you can only spot at a specific depth of water. This is also a good way of pointing your motorboat in a correct direction.

  • Sensor

The good thing about the sensor is to determine the water temperature and to identify subterranean pockets of the water.

Tips on using FishFinder GPS Combos


There are a few things that you need to know when using a FishFinder with GPS. These are essential features that every fisherman must be aware of.

  • Lines

You will find these lines across your chart. This line indicates depth changes. This is an important information that fishermen need, so that they can have a vision of the structures under the water and to determine the areas holding the fishes.

  • Buoys

Locating the buoy is necessary because this is a spot that fishermen would love to locate. Through the buoys you can get various information, such as name and color of the fish.

  • Wrecks

This attracts fish. Through your chart, you can find out the depth and the coordinates of the wrecks through the GPS.

  • Seabed

You may acquire information regarding the seabed and the depth of the water. The seabed also helps in determining the location, where nature changes. Thus, preventing water accidents to arise.

The best FishFinder GPS Combo Reviews

There is a wide range of fish finders with GPS feature. So, we have here the best FishFinder GPS Combo Reviews for you to consider.

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On top is the Lowrance Elite-4 HDI. It comes with an LED screen for multiple window display, chart viewing, DownScan Viewing, Broadband Sounder, hybrid dual imaging, DownScan Overlay, advance signal processing, Trackback system and GPS US maps.

The next option is the Humminbird 898C HD SI. It comes with Sonar GPS, wide screen, Side Imaging, 240ft viewing, 360-degree imaging, high frequency, SwitchFire, dual beam system, Contour XD mapping and SD card slots for saving.

Buying the Best FishFinder GPS Combos


We have another from the Lowrance, called the HDS-7 Gen2 Insight. It comes with internal GPS antenna, chart plotter, mapping options, LED backlit, StructureScan system, 250ft viewing, TrackBck system and uses wireless technology.

Again, we have another fish finder from Lowrance, called the Mark-4. It comes with chartplotter, black and white screen, LED backlit, GPS antenna, aMicroSD slot for mapping, dual beam, 83/200 kHz transducer and TrackBack system.

For the last option, we have the HumminbirdPiranhaMAX 196Ci. It comes with 3.5” screen, dual frequency sonar at 220/455 kHz, 1600W power, 600ft readings, GPS antenna and waypoint saving.

Those are the options for the best fish finders with GPS feature. May you find the best FishFinder GPS Combo Reviews helpful in your search for the best model to buy.

Rence is a member of a group of fisherman doing jobs for commercial purposes. When they started using a fish finder device, the group has seen the good effect that the fish finder had caused them. Therefore, they can see that this innovation will bring them to reaching their goals.”

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