Travel in Mekong Delta view sailing festival


Travel in Mekong Delta view sailing festival

The Mekong Delta or the Mekong River was originated from the Thai and Lao words called, the “Mae Nam Khong” where “mae” means mother, “nam” means water and “khong” means Ganges. It is considered as one of the great rivers in the world, it is estimated at about 4,909 km long and having an area of about 795,000 km2. The Mekong River is also called as the River Khong or the Ping River among the Thais from the North and the people from Laos.

It is such a great honor and a privilege to be in a country where a popular and famous river is always a destination for people coming from different localities, neighboring countries and other foreign countries around the world. It is something to be proud of as a citizen of China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam where the river runs.

There are some festivals celebrating on the Mekong Delta. One of them is the full-moon festival, which is usually called as the Ok Om Bok Festival or also called as the Harvest Moon Festival. It is a popular festival which the Khmer people celebrate yearly for their belief that it was the Goddess of the Moon who are taking care of their land and water crops, and so this is the reason why it is also known as the Festival of Worshipping the Moon, so this festival is like the Buddhists’ way of giving thanks and appreciation for the bounty crops that they are harvesting for their income. This festival usually takes place on the 10th lunar month, on its’ 15th day.

When to festivals, you may freely if known the place and time takes place. If you are not sure you can hear the advice of the travel company and choose a Mekong Delta tour.

The full-moon festival always starts with different traditional activities on the river of the Long Binh. The one that always opens the big celebration is called, the Ngo Boat Race or the Um Tuk Ngua, with matching sounds, music and cheers from the viewers. The boats that the participants use in the said competition is about 24 meters long and having 1.2 meters wide and carrying 40 individuals in each boat. Many among the Khmer localities come and participate in the festival. There are also many foreigners and locals from other districts come and witness the said festival.

During the night of the full-moon festival, members of every family come together to the temple or stay in their houses and prepare crops like rice, bananas coconuts and mangoes to serve as an offering to the Goddess of the moon. And as the moon rises, every member of each family starts the ceremony and prayers, which serves as a good symbol for the people having the continuous blessing from the God of the moon.

On the night of the full-moon festival are games and shows that were traditionally performed. There are also competitions for lanterns where participants need to fire and fly their lanterns like hot air balloons. Those lanterns have frames that are made out of bamboo sticks and covered with paper. The lanterns lighted at night on the sky show such beauty and giving light and identical on how the moon gives brightness to people during the night.

Aside from the lanterns, flying in the sky are the water-lanterns that are made up of bamboos and paper in a boat-like figure having a decoration to be very colorful. People fall in line, say their prayers and as the drum rolls, they start dropping their paper boats on the water.

Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is such a very rich place and blessed with natural resources, and this is why other celebrations like the Coconut Festivals made the Mekong Delta called as the Home of coconut. And another festival is the Fruit Festival, which made the Mekong Delta called as the biggest home of the fruits.

Sailing along the Mekong Delta as a merchant or as a tourist is such a great advantage too, because 30 years ago the Mekong Delta Photographic Festival was launched and this event invites hundreds of photographers to take their best shots capturing the beauty and elegance that the Mekong Delta can offer.

Everything on the river is good and as a natural gift from God, this is something that citizens must care. People must know how to manage its use so that the Mekong Delta will still be a good place to be in the next generations.

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