A Longboard for Cruising and Down Hilling


If you are out in the streets or in the city, you can always find a group of longboard riders. You will find them having fun, enjoying and showing their tricks. Well, if you appreciate this kind of sport, you will find them amazing. Learning to longboard takes time. But, if you have the courage to learn every stunt and trick of longboarding, then you must have the will and determination to practice and master all the skills that you need. It is also risky cruising or down hilling with your longboards while you are on the road. So, it is advisable to put on your safety gadgets.

Overview of Longboard History

You might be enjoying and riding your longboard along the streets. But, do you even have any idea when and where longboarding started? Sometimes, you don’t seem to care about its existence. But, it will be great to learn and appreciate the history of longboard.

It all started in the middle of the 20th century, when people started popularizing surfing along the coastal area of California. But, later in 1940 – 1950, surfers started adopting their boards to have wheels and use on the land. So, in the 1960s, skateboarding became a sport and people started enhancing and developing it. Later on, a variation of skateboard rose and it is the longboard.

Features of Various Board Shapes

Are you looking for the best longboard to buy on the market? Pretty sure that you are one of those guys who are always hanging out with some groups along the streets. They seem to be pretty cool on their longboards. Before buying your own longboard to use, make sure to know about the various shapes of the board and its features. Each shape is designed for specific purposes and use. This information will be very useful for your search of the best longboard available on the market.

One of the shapes available is the Kick Tail Board. This is actually what you can see on one end or both ends of your board. It allows the rider to lift one end off the ground, so that they can perform a trick, hops curb or quick turn. This shape is ideal for cruising.

Next is the Wheel Cut-outs or Wheel Wells Board, which is designed to prevent wheel bites when you are cornering. Of course, your board would not want you to fall off, so with this type of board, turning is allowed.

We also have the Concave Board, which have edges or rails that are a bit higher than the center of the board. The amount of concave depends on the style of the board. A deeper concave is set for downhill boards and free ride boards.

In providing more grip, you might be needing a W-Concave Board. But, a more expensive type of board.

Cruise and Downhill Longboard Reviews

We have here some of the brief longboard reviews for you to consider when buying a longboard. May this review help you find a longboard for your cruising and downhill riding.

One of the board for you to check is the Atom Drop Through 10.6 x 41.7-Inch Longboard. This longboard is ideal for a fast downhill riding that offers a maximum stability, pushing and smooth carving. It also eliminates wheel bite and gives 245mm axles. It has a deck made of maple.

Next option is the versatile Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo 44-Inch Longboard Skateboard. This is ideal for beginners and intermediate riders who would surely enjoy cruising and downhill riding. It has some flex that offers a smooth riding experience. It has a deck made of hardwood maple bamboo material.

Another option is the Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through 36-Inch Complete Longboard. This is ideal for cruising, downhill riding and free riding. This is also a good choice for beginners and intermediate riders. It has a deck designed with a maple wood material. It offers stability, smooth carving, flex and smooth cruising.

Lastly, we have the Atom Pintail Longboard. This is ideal for beginners. It has a board that is made of aluminum material. It offers smooth riding and 0% wheel bite. It is constructed with attractive designs, good quality and economical price.

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