Future technologies in golf


This article is based on new exhibition about GOLF 20X in the annual conference of the Association of HFTP. Being founded in 1952, HFTP is a global professional association for financial and technology for those who works in hotels, clubs and related businesses to the hotel. Approximately 35% of participants of the conference and exhibition of HFTP work in the club industry. Many participants have golf courses in their own real estate areas. GOLF 20X exhibition has provided a forum to introduce and discuss about the technologies related to the sport of golf.

The use of technology into the sport of golf can make a huge improvement of skills. The players can use some new technology such as best golf swing analyzer, golf GPS… to have better results in golf.

For golfers, they will not miss the following technologies:

  • SwingShot: A camera device with clear pictures. This device is designed to put in the golf bag easily so that you can carry it on the golf course. You can put this device on the ground and prepare for the ball and start to use this camera. SwingShot has a wide angle lens, headphone, GPS, LCD, LED indicators and nail to mark on the grass. This device is used to review the actual video to share with professionals teaching / friends or save memories of rounds of golf.
  • Swingbyte: This is 3D golf swing analyzer for smart phones and tablets. This device is voted as one of the “12 most amazing things” at the 2012 PGA Show. Swingbyte can immediately send digital photos of your swing and show you how to improve the swing on your phone. With 30 grams of weight, golfers can easily attach this device under the golf clubs.
  • Approach S1: This device combines high-touch, GPS support with sports watches. This device is designed with lightweight and flexible.
  • CaddyTrek: Vehicles robot caddy with pocket sensors can automatically follow every footsteps of golfer.
  • The ES12 Digital Assistant: This is one of the first screens in the world that is suitable for all players from professional players to amateurs to improve their skills.

For the managers of golf, they will be interested in the following devices:

  • SmartCart App: An application on your smartphone allows golfers have the ability to order menus from restaurants directly whether they are on or off the golf course.
  • LaserGLOW Golf: A laser machine can recharge electric on the golf course. This device allows creating a brighter environment on the field beside of light bulbs and sticks. With this device, the golf course could open in the evening.
  • Golfcart Solar: This device is used for golf carts. This solar panels with lightweight (less than 2kg) will help to save 25% of electricity consumption of a golf cart.
  • ezLocator: The only solution helps to create favorable conditions of the hole placement. This device protects the green and give the player different feeling in golf course every day. This device has innovative technology into software programs so that it can save money on golf, improve operational communication between staffs, change monitoring green and flag place while still provides information about the flag for golfers every day.
  • Golf Course Maintenance: This device helps to monitor, make plan and accomplish maintenance tasks in the golf course effectively.

These are the typical products of technology in the golf industry. These devices will have a major impact on the sport of golf and the golf course in the future. It is expected the introduction of leading technology in the future.

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