Building Baseball Arm Strength

What makes a baseball player stand-out from other candidates? Arm strength should be the answer. No matter which you’re in: a pitcher, striker or outfielder, having more arm strength will give you the benefits to play better and somehow obviously send you to the top players list.

1. Make sure your mechanic is logged-in

Professional players have spent ages to learn and improve their mechanics. For all kind of sports, the first lesson should be achieved and learned well. Proper mechanics will help you a lot to maintain your power as well as to improve and complete other skills. The coaches always remind you to fix your mechanics when you make any mistakes for a reason. This is where the troubles start. Keeping wrong mechanics will get you into a wrong path and move you away from learning other skills. Make sure you follow the instruction from the veteran players and fix your own mechanics. There should be a corporation from your whole body. It’s not only your arm’s duty, the entire body will make a difference. Your arm can not make a good move without a positive support from your shoulder. Your hips should move in the same way and be being flexible to provide more strength to the upper body, while your legs doing a good job as a build. Sometimes you will make a strange position, but no worries, everyone makes a mistake. You can have somebody to film while you’re in training or you can just do it your own with a phone or camera. Or make it’s easier, look at your reflection in a mirror when you try to make a mechanic. It’s no excuses to be falling behind, you’re smart enough to make a move anytime, anywhere. For further details, click here: mechanics of throwing in baseball.

Let’s say who isn’t impressed by a pitcher who hurls a flash of light ball pass the hitters or a striker who is able to make a powerful swing you got to admire? Training program, how to choose best baseball bat for you and baseball accessories  – Everything you need is going to be listed. These are the top guides that guarantee you won’t be falling off to reach your goal this season.

2. Weight-lifting and arms/shoulders training

Players training is somehow much different from training as a bodybuilder. The goal is not all about gaining too much of muscles but gaining more strength that supports the skills. The compounds exercises are in terms of training program you should take. Lifting weights around 110 – 130 pounds combines squat is an ideal choice to complete every part of your body. Shoulders, arms, back, hips and legs are being trained at the same time, giving you more result than focusing on arms lifting. Plus, the arms muscles won’t be able to stand the intense weight lifting section in a long period of time. The shoulder joint is a weak joint held together by muscles, ligaments, tendons, and surrounding fascia, more specifically, the rotator cuff.The rotator cuff muscles are weaker and smaller than other muscles in the arm and must be strengthened to prevent injury. Overuse and use without a proper warm up will cause the rotator cut to wear out faster because they are involved in extremely straining activities.From my point of view, flexible resistance program is a must choice to keep the shoulders strong but far from being in injured. Keeping up the power of your arms and shoulders with a resistance band and a maintaining recovery system will ensure your strength for a remanding season.

3. Throwing drills

Follow these 4 simple drills to achieve a throwing section:
Ready – Break – Throw
This technique allows you to point the target with accuracy. You’ll be able to make a ready throwing position, holding the ball for a few seconds before completely finishing it.
Ready – Throw
Elevating the pausing step, players can still stimulate the throw in a faster way in proper position
Quick release
Considered as a progression for players, it’s great for improving skills in throwing as quick as possible.
Stretch it out
Moving a bit far from the previous line is a must, this kind of training will stretch out your arms while you’re gaining more arm strength from throwing in a further distance.

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