The Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet


As a hiking expert, I pride myself for knowing the basics of having a well organized hike. I know what are the needs that must be brought when hiking but when it comes to shoes for hiking, I also had problems when it comes to that because of my wide feet.

There are many hiking boots sold in the market but lets face it, some designs, colors and styles are mostly made for people with narrow feet. I tried using narrow boots for hiking and let me say that it is extremely uncomfortable and I have developed blisters as well when I used it in one of my excursions. So you need to be more careful when buying your foot gear to save money as well.

The Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet


Walking for a long distance is what hiking is all about and without the proper shoes you will not enjoy hiking especially if you are suffering from aching feet and muscles. For people with weak ankles, you need to have proper support in the ankles therefore you need to have boots instead of low cut shoes.

There are many boots for hiking sold in the market today and some are too expensive or too heavy. Before heading to the shoe stores, you need to be sure first on what you want and what you should need.

Here are a few of the Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet 2017 that I can recommend :

  • Wolverine Black Ledge boot

Wolverine brand is known as one of the best work boots but recently they released this amazing boots that I personally love. It is extremely comfortable and comes in sizes many sizes including for wide forefoot like mine. The sole and ankle support are so soft and is good in cushioning for protection while giving great flexibility of motions. This boots is great for muddy or a little slippery surface like moss and stuffs.

  • Hanwag

This is made from a German company named Hanwag that is excellent if you want to find a boots that can cater for people with bunion problem. This is considered as one of the best trekking boots available in market, because of its premium memory insole and great design. It has fewer seams that means fewer incidence of rubbing to the skin and pressure points. Another great thing about this trekking boots is that it ultra lightweight and is really waterproof yet breathable. Also it has great circulation system for maximum comfort.

  • La Sportiva Boulder X Mid GTX

This hiking boots is perfect for summer and late springs conditions like in New England, Sierras or Rockies. This boots, provide great grip and traction with its sticky Vibram® X-Traction Idro-Grip outsole. The upper leather is durable and breathable great for protecting your foot and ankles. Its patented lacing system called Mythos provides perfect fit with its uniform tension

The Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet


  • Asolo Stynger

This is one of my faves. It is may look narrow but believe me, it is wide enough to accommodate my wide forefoot and is comfortable. This is a sturdy hiking boots that is comfortable for people like me who has high arches and wide forefoot. It also gives great traction for snow, mud, rock and dirt. It has decent support, weight and traction which is just perfect for me plus it is durable and comfortable.

  • Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Wide Hiking Boot

What I like about this boots is that it is so durable. You can do almost abuse it when hiking yet it is still in its top form. It is also great for women with wide toes and has plenty of room for comfort. One of my favorite feature of this boots is its midsole ability to absorbs impact which is very handy for hikers. Can be used on all kinds of terrain.

  • Comfort Vigor Women’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Hiking Boots

Like its description, this boots is therapeutic since it is designed for people with foot pain or plantar fascitis. It also provides room for people with wide feet. It is so comfortable and you will not feel discomfort even when you hike for a long periods of time.

This are my favorite boots that I personally have for myself and for my hiking husband. Having a great pair of shoes is very important cause a simple pain in the feet is already disabling and you will not enjoy much even if go to a very scenic place.

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