Today’s best camping cots reviews to read


Importance of Camping Cots

People have different activities and every day you can find them all busy preparing for this upcoming activity. Some are listing down the items that they need to use for their activities and after that will go to the market and buy those items. Whatever recreational activities you have, you always make sure that you are well prepared when that time comes. But, do you always need to buy these items every time? If these activities are your usual activities, for sure that you already have most of the necessary items at home.

Importance of Camping Cots


Look at those who enjoy outdoor activities. One of the popular outdoor activities they do is to go out for a camp with their family and friends. If this is not your first time, then for sure, you already have tents, camping tools, camping cots and camping backpacks to use. For sure, you have bought the best camping items and have bought the ones with a good quality. So that you do not need to buy them whenever you are going out for a camp with your family or friends.

For those who would like to buy their camping cots, you must know that these camping cots are the most comfortable way of sleeping when you are out of your own beds at home. These camping cots are portable, you may fold them and pack them easy. So, make sure to get the one with a lightweight material because you need to move this camping cot every time you will have a camping.

Another thing, camping cots are not just for camping activities. It was mentioned earlier that it is portable. Can you carry your bed from your bedroom to any part of your house? That is not easy, but with camping cots that is possible. If you feel comfortable to sleep anywhere in the house, especially if you feel like the temperature in your bedroom is too hot, then carry that camping cot and find a place at home to relax until the temperature cools down.

If you have visitors at home and you do not have enough beds to use for them to sleep on, then you may offer your camping cots. That will make your visitor more comfortable and have a sound sleep. Your visitor will surely be very thankful for that kindness. (more…)

The best backpack diaper bags for dad and mom’s Choice


Choosing the best backpack diaper bags

When choosing the best backpack diaper bags for your day out, you have to know how to pick the right one. You can do that if you will consider some factors that are necessary and important when buying a diaper bag backpack.

One of the must-considered feature of a diaper backpack is the number of pockets inside and outside the backpack. It is also important to have extra pockets that will hold your baby wipes because baby wipes are essential needs of a baby, especially when your baby makes a mess. These pockets are also good to store your baby bottles. Aside from that, you must also make sure that you will have a pocket that is close to your back. This pocket is vital for you to carry the necessary needs of your baby and it will be easier for you to get it from the bag when needed.

Choosing the best backpack diaper bags


You must also check the straps of the backpack. It will be best to have padded straps for your ease and comfort of carrying the backpack. It is better to use padded straps so that you can avoid back pain and prevent from hurting your skin.

Changing pads are very important, so make sure that it is a part of the diaper bag backpack that you will choose. You know that changing pads are necessary when you have to change your baby’s clothes or change the baby’s diaper.

The types of the best backpack diaper bags

There are various types of diaper bag backpacks that are designed for the needs of the moms and dads.

You can find a travel diaper bag backpack that is best for traveling. Another type is the Cloth diaper bag backpack that is good for keeping your baby’s clothes. Next type is the adamant Leather diaper bag backpack type. We also have the easiest to manage Convertible diaper bag backpack. Next is the diaper bag backpack for mom and for dad. Last type of backpack, is the diaper bag backpack with cooler.

All types of diaper bag backpack are available on the market, so all you have to do is to pick the one that you like and the one that will be very useful to you for your day out. (more…)

Toddler Travel Bed for Active Travelling Family


We love our kids and we want to spend time with them all the time if possible. When you became a parent, you would want to create wonderful memories with your children by travelling and camping. So when your toddler became to big and does not fit in a portable crib you have only one solution, that is to have a toddler travel bed. These portable, handy travel buddies are great for family on the go. Trust me, having your very own toddler travel bed will not only make travelling with kids easy but it will also help you save some cash.

Reason why you should buy a toddler travel bed

When you travel around S.E Asia and Australia, it is quite uncommon to find rooms in a hotel with queen size or 2 double sized beds which means you if you have a kid that can’t fit in a portacrib you will really need to have a travel bed.

It is nearly impossible to find a travel crib that is fit for a growing toddler. I have a 2 year old son but he is too big and wont fit in to the play n pack crib. I am actually excited to be using the inflatable travel bed that I just recently purchased. Just saying bye bye to the old heavy travel crib makes me happy.

Different types of Travel beds for Toddlers

  • Pop up sleep tent
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Gives comfortable sleeping space
  • Foldable toddler bed
  • Really easy to use as it folds up like a camping chair
  • Perfect for camping and during road trips
  • Downside: bulkier and not convernient to bring for air travel
  • Inflatable Toddler Bed
  • Most familiar toddler travel bed
  • Just like an air mattress for toddler
  • Very easy to pack
  • Comes with electronic or hand pump

I have listed down some of the best Portable Toddler Travel bed


Tips on Wilderness Adventure Preparation


A great wilderness adventure

There must be something in the wilderness that hunters enjoys that is why they keep on coming back to this place. This might be considered as an extreme adventure for some people, especially those who have not yet experience how it feels like in the wilderness. If they only knew how happy these hunters are every time they can find something great in the field, they will surely understand. Life in the wilderness is not that easy because you have to go away from home and sleep in the middle of the wilderness.


Tips on Wilderness Adventure Preparation


With this kind of adventure, you may say that it is risky because you will never know what will happen in the wild. You can’t also say that you can keep communication with your family back home. You will never know how wild these animals are because they were not tamed and they feel that hunters are dangers to their freedom. There are so many factors that hunters consider when they are in the wilderness and because they love this kind of adventure, then, they have to accept whatever the situation is.

Those are also the reasons why these hunters must be prepared at all times. If possible, they have to carry the most important things for their wilderness adventure. They have limited things to carry on their hunting backpacks, so these items must be the things that will function well for their adventure. They will not carry items that have no purpose for their hunting.

Now, to be ready and well prepared for their survival, it is good to have Fallkniven knives in their pockets. These knives are kept safe anyway because it has its own protective sheath. These Fallkniven knives are sharp, so you have to be careful also not to hurt yourself. How can you say that these Fallkniven knives are helpful? These knives might be small, but believe it or not, it can perform multiple tasks.


Discover Mekong River with cruise tour


Who is saying that cruise tours are just for luxurious people? Can someone not afford to cruise in an affordable way? Tourists from different countries may book for a cruise tour and experience the feeling of moving along the Mekong River? Why in Mekong River? This river is not just any river that you can find in the Southeastern part of Asia. It is one of the longest rivers in the world, having a length of about 4,350 km. The Mekong River is running along the countries of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.

Mekong River Cruise

If you are planning to cruise the Mekong River, it will be best to come to Vietnam because it is where you can find most tours offered by different travel agencies. If you come to Vietnam, one of the most visited tours and one of the favorite tours is cruising the Mekong River. This is the reason why Vietnam became famous and what goes along this tour is the popular floating market. So, if you have the chance to get a flight to Vietnam, do not miss to cruise along the Mekong River.

This is Top best tour along Mekong River:

When planning for a cruise tour on the Mekong River, you will have to choose for how long you would like to spend your tour. You may either choose a 2-day tour or a 3 day tour. For the day tours, you may choose tours from Ho Chi Minh City to Cai Be or to Can Tho. Everything at a very affordable price that you will surely not regret because you will even have a tour guide who can speak English well. So communication won’t be a problem.

Cruising the Mekong River is one of the simplest ways of spending your tour. You can relax and observe the people along the Mekong River. When you start your tour, it will be good coming from the Ho Chi Minh City. On the first day of your tour, you have to start boarding your Panorama cruise vessel and enjoy on board. You may also have a walk or move around with a bicycle along the small villages as you row your small boat along the Mekong canals or Cai Be. After this boat riding, you have to return to the cruise and relax as you enjoy watching the sunset. It will also be a good experience to have a fine dinner on board. (more…)

Vung Tau – Ho May tour 2 days guide


It will always be fun to stay on the beach, especially if we are in the middle of the hot season. Young and old would love to go to the beach to have swimming and to relax. It would always be great if every member of the family is out there and enjoying the beauty of nature and the freshness of the water. It will surely be a relief to stay on the beaches.

If you and your family are planning to go out of the country to spend some time on the beach, you must not miss going to Vietnam, where you can find a lot of beautiful beaches. One of the most popular beaches in the Southern part of Vietnam is the Vung Tau Beach.

vung tau tour

You can go for 2 days tour Vung Tau – Ho May. You can always find the most convenient time for you and book your vacation tour packages online. You can avail such packages for as low as 113 USD. The tour will surely be worth more than what you have paid.

On the first day of your tour, you will be travelling to Vung Tau. You have to leave the Ho Chi Minh City as early as possible. Around 7 in the morning is best, so that you can arrive Vung Tau by lunch and have a rest at the hotel, where you will be spending your night. On your way to VungTau, you may have a chance to pay Dai Tung Lam pagoda a visit.

In the afternoon, you will be heading to the Big Mountain and the Ho May Resort. You may reach this spot by car. On your way, you will be visiting different scenic views of nature, such as forest, waterfall and lake. Your tour guide will always take you to the Viba Tower, the Maitreya Buddha statue, the peacock garden and the ostrich farm. You may also join different games around and have fun with other people. After this, you may go back to your hotel, stay on the beach, have dinner and enjoy the city coast.

Vung tau tours

On your second day, you may find time to enjoy the yellow sand of the beach and enjoy sunbathing in the morning. This is your last day of the tour, so you are going to check out the statue of Jesus Christ, the Bach Dinh-White Palace and of course, the Cape Nghinh Phong. (more…)

Travel in Mekong Delta view sailing festival


Travel in Mekong Delta view sailing festival

The Mekong Delta or the Mekong River was originated from the Thai and Lao words called, the “Mae Nam Khong” where “mae” means mother, “nam” means water and “khong” means Ganges. It is considered as one of the great rivers in the world, it is estimated at about 4,909 km long and having an area of about 795,000 km2. The Mekong River is also called as the River Khong or the Ping River among the Thais from the North and the people from Laos.

It is such a great honor and a privilege to be in a country where a popular and famous river is always a destination for people coming from different localities, neighboring countries and other foreign countries around the world. It is something to be proud of as a citizen of China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam where the river runs.

There are some festivals celebrating on the Mekong Delta. One of them is the full-moon festival, which is usually called as the Ok Om Bok Festival or also called as the Harvest Moon Festival. It is a popular festival which the Khmer people celebrate yearly for their belief that it was the Goddess of the Moon who are taking care of their land and water crops, and so this is the reason why it is also known as the Festival of Worshipping the Moon, so this festival is like the Buddhists’ way of giving thanks and appreciation for the bounty crops that they are harvesting for their income. This festival usually takes place on the 10th lunar month, on its’ 15th day.

When to festivals, you may freely if known the place and time takes place. If you are not sure you can hear the advice of the travel company and choose a Mekong Delta tour.

The full-moon festival always starts with different traditional activities on the river of the Long Binh. The one that always opens the big celebration is called, the Ngo Boat Race or the Um Tuk Ngua, with matching sounds, music and cheers from the viewers. The boats that the participants use in the said competition is about 24 meters long and having 1.2 meters wide and carrying 40 individuals in each boat. Many among the Khmer localities come and participate in the festival. There are also many foreigners and locals from other districts come and witness the said festival. (more…)